Who is Sole Homes?

Sole Homes LLC is a company created in South Florida combining the experience of our specialists and contractors with the concepts of modernity of the new millennium. Our team is focused on creating modern and practical home models to the highest construction standards. Sole Homes LLC provides South Florida commercial and residential construction services for more than 20 years combined. Our dedication to delivering the very highest quality home construction services on-time and on a budget has given us a reputation as a leader throughout south Florida.

Our customers include real estate brokers, property managers, residential consumers, and tenants looking for tenant improvement construction services. If you are looking for a high-quality construction contractor in Southern Florida, you should contact Sole Homes LLC

What we do

Here is a list of some of the reasons our customers tell us they continue to choose Sole Homes LLC as their preferred construction services provider:

Our Workers Team Construction has experience and knowledge, The Sole Homes team has been in business for more than 20 years combined and our team has extensive experience and knowledge in all facets of construction from planning and execution through final project completion and approval.  You can rest assured that we have a thorough understanding of your construction needs and requirements.

Responsive communication – Throughout the construction process Sole Homes takes time and care to ensure our customers are comfortable during the entire construction project lifecycle.  We will keep you regularly updated and informed and are happy to answer any questions you may have in a timely fashion.

Teamwork – The staff and subcontractors at Sole Homes have been working together regularly for a long time.  This prevents issues that can occur when contractors use new and untested partners.

Reliability & Reputation – Through the years The Sole Homes team has proven itself to be one of the most reliable construction contractors in Southern Florida.  We would be happy to provide references to hundreds of our past customers who can vouch for our hard work, good faith, and dedication. State, city, local, guidelines, codes, rules, and regulations for building, remodeling, and construction – Sole Homes management experience means we are familiar with all the legal, safety, weather, and other specific construction requirements for construction in Florida State.  If you are working on a project in the Southern Florida area, we have most likely already completed several similar projects in the area and can provide you with examples.

Vision, organization, dedication, supervision – Among the many compliments we have received over time there is a theme that continues to appear consistently.  This theme focuses on our management and staff dedicated to the quality construction process and final product.  We have been consistently told that our construction teams are well organized, well-supervised, and execute and deliver projects that match the original vision of the customer.

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Why us?

SOLE Homes LLC want to help your dreams of home ownership come true. We understand the role your home plays in your quality of life, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest and over-the-top homes at the greatest value. 

Our experience combines in a rigorous creative process “Practicality and comfort” with imagination, artistry, elegant detailing.

The emphasis on cutting edge style and unparalleled construction processes articulate the passion and motivation for creating the upper echelon of housing living. 

Planning & Architecture

SOLE HOMES Guiding you through the challenging process of designing, building and permitting your new home.

House Renovation

SOLE HOMES will create a luxury but affordable home that reflects your individual style.


High-end construction requires high-end management and SOLE HOMES will structure your project from design and planning.

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